Help for Home Gardeners
April 15, 2004
  • /Crop Sciences
April 15, 2004

URBANA--Those seeking help with lawn care and home gardens have a one-stop destination for the latest University of Illinois Extension information on the topics. Hort Corner, located on Extension's Urban Extension Program Resources site at: , has research-based guidelines for lawn care, pest control, plant diseases, flower and vegetable gardens, houseplants, and ground cover.

"We also have a feature that allows users to ask experts questions that they don't find covered on the various pages," said Jane Scherer, U of I Extension urban programs specialist.

Scherer noted that Hort Corner also has a special section for children's gardens.

"These are sites that spark an interest in gardening and nature," she explained.

Sites under the Hort Corner umbrella include:

Lawn Talk which has information on what grass varieties are best for a particular lawn, how to deal with shady areas, proper methods of watering and fertilizing lawns, organized into what the New York Times newspaper terms "the most valuable of grassy reference sources on the Web." There is a Spanish language companion site.

Watch Your Garden Grow which includes a guide for growing, storing and preparing 23 different vegetables and is also available in Spanish.

The Bug Review which helps users learn how to identify and control common household and garden pests. Also available in Spanish.

Houseplants which includes a guide to choosing the right houseplant along with information on care and propagation.

Focus on Plant Disease which helps identify and control plant disease and is available in Spanish.

Gardening with Perennials which helps users select the right perennial for their garden. Also available in Spanish.

Apples & More which has a wealth of information about apples and where to find apple festivals. Similar sites are Raspberries & More, Strawberries & More, Pumpkins & More, Christmas Trees & More, and Bulbs & More.

Gardening with Annuals which contains information about annual flowers and vines.

Our Rose Garden which includes information on the selection, care, pruning and other items involved in growing roses and includes a detailed index of different kinds of roses.

Tips for Great Looking Container Gardens is good for gardeners who have limited space and time and want to garden on a small scale.

Ornamental Grasses helps users add variety and interest to the home landscape.

Selecting Trees for Your Home helps users determine what tree is best-suited to a particular yard and allows one to match yard preferences with characteristics of more than 120 trees.

From the Ground Up, the most recent addition to Hort Corner, is helpful to home gardeners considering cover plants to augment their gardens and was named the best horticultural education exhibit at this year's Chicago Flower and Garden Show.