Hortanswers Website Debuts
March 24, 2008
If you have an interest in gardening, University of Illinois Extension has created a new website that can help called Hort Answers.

You can find the site at www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/hortanswers.

U of I horticulture educator Greg Stack said you can search the site by category of plant such as annuals, groundcover, perennials, and shrubs. Or you can search the site if a specific problem is affecting your garden such as a pest or disease.

Stack said that there are hundreds of websites that have bits and pieces of information on home horticulture — many are trying to sell a product so they may be biased. Other sites are educational to the point of not providing practical information that the home gardener or horticulture professional can easily use.

And while hortanswers may not include everything, it does provide you with good, basic information on selecting plant material and alerting visitors to some of the plant problems that can happen.