How Does Soy Promote Weight Loss? U of I Scientist Finds Another Clue
October 18, 2007

URBANA - Research shows that when soy consumption goes up, weight goes down. A new University of Illinois study may help scientists understand exactly how that weight loss happens.

U of I research Elvira de Mejia wanted to see if soy protein hydrolysates could affect these regulatory hormones and their receptors.

In an experiment using lab rats, de Mejia found that soy did have an effect on these mechanisms and hormones that are induced in the body to help us degrade lipids and reduce body weight, but it did so by boosting metabolism and not by reducing food intake.

The experiment showed that soy peptides could interact with receptors in the brain, and that eating less isn't always the reason for weight loss.

de Mejia says that weight loss is a complex physiological event. It's not always as simple as eat less or exercise more.