Illinois Parents: Parenting 2.0 needs you, and it will only take 15 minutes!
September 20, 2010
URBANA - University of Illinois and University of Minnesota researchers have launched Parenting 2.0, a new online research project that will help them understand how and why today's parents use technology. The project will help Extension develop outreach programs for a new generation of families.

"Do parents use technology to keep in touch with their children or to get parenting advice? Do they use social networking sites to get help, support, or advice? Does technology help parents or cause problems for them?" asked Aaron Ebata, a U of I Extension family life specialist and associate professor of social development.

"We'd like to know how parents use the Internet for family communication, including if and how they monitor their kids' online behavior. And we'd especially like to hear from rural parents," said Robert Hughes, head of the U of I's Department of Human and Community Development who is also involved in the effort.

Parents are encouraged to share their experiences by taking a survey at . Taking the online survey will take about 15 minutes, and participants are eligible for a drawing to win Amazon gift certificates, he said.

"Knowing more about what today's parents are actually doing will help us to develop more useful parenting materials," Ebata said.