New Extension to ACES scholarships awarded to 46 students across Illinois
ACES students
By Lauren Quinn
May 24, 2018
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URBANA, Ill. – This fall, 46 high school seniors and college transfer students across Illinois will head to the University of Illinois with help from the Extension to ACES scholarship. The students will each receive $2,500 towards their first year of enrollment in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences at U of I.

University of Illinois Extension, housed in the College of ACES, operates educational outreach programs in 27 regional units across the state, covering all 102 counties. Staff in each of the units worked with area high schools to get the word out about the scholarships and recruit for ACES.  

Dr. Shelly Nickols-Richardson, the interim director of Extension, said, “Extension is at the core of how the University of Illinois shares knowledge and innovation with communities in this state, so working with the College of ACES to bring students to campus just makes sense. We’re proud to help make this world-class education accessible.”

This fall, the scholarship recipients will join more than 2,600 other students in the college who are pursuing degrees in agricultural and biological engineering, agricultural and consumer economics, agricultural communications, agricultural leadership and science education, animal sciences, computer science + crop sciences, crop sciences, food science and human nutrition, human development and family studies, natural resources and environmental sciences, and technical systems management. 

“The College of ACES takes pride in creating the 2018 Extension to ACES Scholarships to attract the best and brightest students from all parts of Illinois to our college. We have received tremendous interest from many students for these new scholarships, and we have selected outstanding admitted students to receive these scholarships this year,” says Prasanta Kalita, associate dean for academic programs in the college.

The scholarship winners include:
Emmarie Alexander, Corey Beccue, Joseph Birrittier, Duncan Bradshaw, Anneli Cers, Emily Cihla, Mitchell Clodfelter, Benjamin Cohen, Courtney Cox, Jacob Dalen, Noah Dearwester, Jeffrey Delmore, Cassidy Dooley, Josephine Duffy, Katelyn Eathington, Abigayle Endress, Nate Ferguson, Jordan Fritch, Margaret Furr, Grace Harkins, Madelyn Heidtke, Grace Jennings, Ian Joyce, Devin Koester, Laura Krasa, Ethan Kunkel, Milan Leman, Gretchen Macklin, Abigail Martin, Anna Mattern, Callie McClay, Macy Riedemann, Kaitlyn Roley, Alexis Ruemker, John Searl, Reid Shoemaker, Austin Shorfheide, Piper Siblik, Sinead Soltis, Joseph Tomei, Nicholas Torrance, Emerson Urban, Ella Warner, Adam Yoder, and two additional students.