NRES Alumna Develops Certified Master Beekeeper Curriculum
Beehives in a watermelon field
Photo by Laura Ford
March 7, 2016
  • /Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

NRES alumna, Dr. Moneen Jones, received her PhD from NRES in 2010. Her advisor was Dr. Richard Weinzierl, Professor of Entomology and NRES Departmental Affiliate. Dr. Jones has developed a Certified Master Beekeeper curriculum, and the brochure for the program has been nominated for a literary award. 

Courtesy of the Daily Dunklin Democrat newspaper:

For that person who may have thought about being a bee charmer and making honey, but they really did not know where to begin, the Fisher Delta Research Center (FDRC) in Portageville has the answer. They are teaching a beginners course, Bee Pollinator Advocate, a first four-hour course in the newly developed Certified Master BeeKeeper curriculum developed by Dr. Moneen Jones, University of Missouri research entomologist at the FDRC.

On Sept. 2, 2015, at the Annual Field Day at the FDRC, Jones talked about the importance of bees to the area, as well as the new Certified Master Beekeeper Pilot Program that was being offered by MU. Before the meeting, she designed a brochure about bees and the apiary (bee yard) at the center and distributed them on field day. Since that time, her brochure has been nominated for a literary award and has helped to increase the number of individuals interested, producers, beekeepers, and pesticide applicators by 248 percent. "So far, the program is going in a positive direction," she said. "Nebraska, Florida, and Texas have a Certified Beekeeping Program, and I've seen their beekeeping courses, but this class has two purposes." First, it is designed to offer interested individuals some type of background on beekeeping, so that when they join a beekeeping group, they already know a little about what they are getting into. The second purpose is so that people will be able to determine whether they want continue in it. She added that many certification classes do not offer any hands-on training, but the second part of the certification program will offer that. Read the entire article on the newspaper's website: