NRES Fall 2015 Teachers Ranked as Excellent
Blue and Gold Column
March 7, 2016
  • /Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

NRES congratulates the following Teachers Ranked as Excellent for Fall Semester 2015:

The asterisk * indicates that the faculty member or TA was rated Outstanding.

Allan, Kingsley                    NRES 454

Arai, Yuji                             NRES 351

Gracon, Renee                   NRES 594

Green, Eric                         NRES 285, TA

Happel, Austin                   NRES 201, TA

Hunter, Dane                     NRES 201, TA

*Matthews, Jeffrey            NRES 285, 419

McSweeney, Kevin             NRES 471

Molina, Miriam                    NRES 201, TA

Mulvaney, Richard              NRES 201

Stickley, Samuel                 NRES 454

Straker, Kaitlin                   NRES 426, TA

Suski, Cory                         NRES 285, 409

Taft, John                           NRES 415

Ward, Michael                    NRES 348

Yannarell, Anthony            NRES 219

Congratulations on a Semester of Excellence, Teachers!!!!