Pest management publication available
May 22, 2012
  • /Crop Sciences
Homeowners and landscape professionals have a new resource to help them deal with pests inside and outside the home. Pest Management for the Home Landscape, created by University of Illinois Extension specialists, includes information on how to manage insects, weeds, and plant diseases in the yard, garden, and home.

"Pest Management for the Home Landscape is a handy reference guide that provides the tools to identify problems and choose strategies for controlling weeds, pests, and diseases," said University of Illinois Extension Specialist Phil Nixon.

"It will help homeowners and professionals choose the right pest control strategies for their situation —chemical, nonchemical, or a combination of the two. For many pests, organic gardening options are provided as well."

Nixon said the book contains information on disease-tolerant vegetable varieties, seed sources, and recommended practices for controlling disease.

"It also lists pesticide products currently labeled for use on turfgrass, flowers, woody and non-woody ornamentals, vegetables, and fruit plants and trees, and it provides advice on how to handle pesticides to keep people, animals, and plantings safe," Nixon said.

Pest Management for the Home Landscape is available from U of I Extension and can be ordered online at or by calling 1-800-345-6087. The 184-page book is $24.95 plus shipping.

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