Technology Services


ACES Technology Services (ATS) coordinates the information technology services of the numerous College of ACES departments and units. Through this collaboration we streamline IT services to make best use of college resources.

This initiative enhances the consistency of IT support across the college by creating standard operating procedures. We provide IT infrastructure and coordinate services from other IT providers to meet ACES' wide-ranging technology needs.

Through the daily interactions of our workstation support personnel with college technology users, we identify strategic areas of need, such as advanced computing for research, instructional technologies for teaching, and collaboration services for better sharing among faculty.

For more information on services available to faculty, staff, or students, or to submit a support request, you can visit the ATS website.

Related service

ITCS operates a web site hosting service using ITCS-supported web servers to support the mission of the College of ACES at the University of Illinois.

These services are primarily intended for use by departments, units and affiliates of the College of ACES at the University of Illinois, in support the college’s mission. However, these services are also made available to other departments, units and affiliates of the University of Illinois on a cost-recovery basis, in an effort to maximize efficiencies and reduce duplication of services.

The Web Hosting Service platform consists of a set of highly-available front-end servers connected to separate, highly-available back-end services (databases, shared file-systems, etc.). The separation of front-end servers is intended to provide a layer of security/insulation of back-end resources from the general internet environment.

If you are interested in further information regarding web hosting services from the College of ACES, please contact Don Meyer,

(For helpful information regarding connecting to our Site Maintainer's environment (a.k.a. "backstage access"), please check here...)

Team Members

David Gerstenecker
Director of Information Technology

ACES Technology Services
James Lane

Administrative Offices
Josh Henry
Chad Johnston
Scott Larson
Don Meyer
Haley Mui
Allison Payne

Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Ed Delso

Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Ian Chong
Jacky Mentzel

Animal Sciences
Kevin Dejewski
Jacky Mentzel
Jarin White

Crop Sciences
Jacob Ano
Greg Parks
Rudy Negrete

Food Science and Human Nutrition
George Kim

Human Development and Family Studies
James Kim
Alex Greifenkamp

ITCS Web Management and Support
Angela Boesche
David Cross
Jonas Dees
Bill Gutierrez
Jed Willard

Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Jacob Ano
Rudy Negrete
Chinedu Onyejekwe

University of Illinois Extension
Matt Allsopp
John Barclay
Shauna Sargent
James Hazzard
Dan Horn
Jane Ki
Jemma Ku
Vamsi Komarthi
Darien Large
Sriharsha Vejella
Justin Venus
Bill Woessner