Students will engage in STEM-related learning activities with teams of their peers, industry leaders, and ACES staff and students.

Two weeks of lectures, hands-on activities, and demonstrations centered on real-world issues will help students discover how ACES is related to their career goals. 

Summer 2022 Report



  • Online Application 
  • STEM Teacher Recommendation Form
  • Current High School Transcript (unofficial transcripts are accepted).                                                       

 Students will be able to learn and explore the areas listed below.

  • Exploring engineering and technology
  • Discovering veterinary science and animal health
  • Understanding nutrition and science of healthy living
  • Studying plant biotechnology
  • Developing new food products
  • Pursuing a career in ecology and conservation
  • Learning about food safety and food security
  • Discovering careers involving children and families
  • Thinking about teaching science as a career
  • Recognizing your talent in communications
  • Exploring finance, marketing, and management
  • Pursuing a career in the healthcare industry
  • Exploring careers that impact policy and law


    • Current high school sophomores and juniors are welcome to apply.
    • Display curiosity, cooperation, and work ethic in their reference(s).
    • Display an interest in learning more about STEM areas in the essay.
    • Ranked in the top 25%; and have a B average in Science (natural sciences), Math and English.
    • We strongly encourage the participation of traditionally underrepresented ethnic minority groups, under-resourced communities, students with disabilities, and/or from urban areas to apply.

    Summer 2024 Application Will Launch Friday-December 1, 2023.

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