We prioritize the safety of all our employees, faculty, students, and visitors. Our goals are to help identify hazards, minimize risks, and train people to perform their research activities safely. Contact us at ACES-Safety@illinois.edu with questions or with requests for safety assessments and information.

All those involved in the research review ACES and Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station (IAES) Safety Policy to understand their responsibilities.

To gain an in-depth understanding of campus-wide policy, review the Campus Administrative Manual (CAM), which includes policy information for research activities.

ACES Trainings

We have developed a four-part Farm Hazard Training for anyone who conducts work at our field research stations. This training is also applicable to other agricultural facilities and is available to university students, faculty, staff, and visiting scholars.

Field Research

The Farm Hazard Training is mandatory for personnel working at any field research center, which includes the South Farms and field research stations across Illinois. First-time users of any research center must complete the training before they begin at their unit.

The Farm Hazard Training modules are available in the OVCR Portal. After logging in with your NetID and password, browse the course catalog for “Farm Hazard” and you should find all four modules. Please screenshot or print the Certificate of Completion provided at the end of each course. For any questions or difficulties with the site, please contact the Director of Safety, Daniel Gaither at gaither3@illinois.edu.

The Farm Hazard Training is broken down into four modules.

  1. Awareness
  2. Communication
  3. Education
  4. Safe Actions

If you will be working at the ACES Energy Farm email Tim Mies at tmies@illinois.edu, Director of Energy Farm Operations, to gain access to the Energy Farm Safety Training module.

Additional Training

University of Illinois Facilities and Services, Safety and Compliance offer health and safety training resources that may be of interest. Safety and Compliance also provide information on industrial safety and provide manuals and fact sheets for various subjects.

Illini Alert

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ACES Safety Committee

The ACES Safety Committee, appointed by the Dean, is comprised of individuals from a diversity of units and provides advice and recommends policies and procedures concerning safety issues that affect college operations. 

Campus Safety Resources

When thinking about safety, it’s important to look at all of your options. Not only is the College of ACES dedicated to creating a safe environment, but the University of Illinois campus also provides many resources to promote safe and environmentally sound work practices.

Division of Research Safety (DRS)

The Division of Research Safety (DRS) assists the campus community in maintaining a safe work environment.  Programs and services cover chemical, biological, and radiological materials, high-powered laser systems, safety equipment, safety training and guidance documents, and hazardous waste.

For questions or concerns, contact DRS at (217) 333-2755 or drs@illinois.edu.

Safety and Compliance

The mission of Safety and Compliance is to promote safe and environmentally sound work practices that advance the University’s mission and interests by advising and consulting with faculty, staff, and students.

For questions or concerns, visit the Safety and Compliance website or call 217-333-0340.

Campus Code Compliance & Fire Safety

Campus Code Compliance & Fire Safety manages the University’s fire and life safety programs. They provide plan review services for campus construction projects to ensure accessibility compliance and safety guidelines are met.

For questions or concerns, contact Mike Brown at 217-300-9645 or Mb44@illinois.edu.

Division of Animal Resources (DAR)

The Division of Animal Resources (DAR), in partnership with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, researchers, students, and regulatory agencies are responsible for ensuring high-quality animal care and for providing training in and consultation on the safe, humane use of laboratory animals in research and education in compliance with federal regulations and campus policies.

For questions or concerns, contact Sara Myers at (217) 333-2564 or sjmyers@illinois.edu.

Office of the Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation (OVCRI)

To promote safe and ethical behavior, you will likely need to interact with compliance unit researchers. The units related to animal care and other concerns are listed on the OVCRI's website.

University Police

Programs for campus students, employees, and public safety are administered by the University of Illinois Police Department.

Need additional information?

Schedule a safety consult with us via email at aces-safety@illinois.edu.