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Not Your Typical Spring Break

Student with chainsaw cutting into a tree

While most people were packing bathing suits and sunblock into their luggage, I was packing work boots and flannel shirts. My last spring break in college was spent hiking through the woods, carrying a chainsaw and learning how to safely fell trees.

I had the opportunity to take the NRES 285 Chainsaw Safety and Felling Techniques course.  Over a span of 1 week I learned how to perform maintenance on a chainsaw, how to safely buck and limb a fallen tree and most importantly how to bore cut and drop a tree with precision. This course was the perfect way to cap off an amazing four years here at U of I. Spending time in the woods with fellow NRES students laughing, learning and pumping each other up to cut down trees was an experience I will never forget.

Being able to walk away from a week’s “vacation” with great memories and a new skill that I can take and apply to my future career is amazing. If anyone is looking for field course that will be useful for the future and will get your blood pumping, I would HIGHLY recommend you try to snag one of the spots for Chainsaw Safety. You will not regret it!