• Catherine Bertini - Feb. 24, 2005, Undersecretary for Human Relations, United Nations.
  • Pedro Sanchez - May 6, 2005, Senior Research Fellow, Columbia University's Earth Institute
  • Colleen Callahan - March 29, 2005, President, ACES Alumni Council and Owner, Colleen Callahan Communications, "Trip with Secretary of Agriculture Ann Veneman on Iraq and Afghanistan."
  • Dr. Burt Swanson and Dr. Daniel Warnock - Oct. 3, 2005, Burt is Director of the AERI Linkage Project with Egypt and Daniel is Associate Professor of Horticulture, "Project with Seven Visiting Faculty from Egyptian Universities to Complete Curriculum."


  • Dr. Steven Pueppke - April 6, 2004, Associate Dean, Office of Research, Director, ACES Global Connect, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois.
  • Reynaldo Martorell - April 29, 2004, Robert W. Woodruff Professor of International Nutrition, Department of International Health, the Rollins School of Public Health of Emory University, Atlanta, GA.
  • Dr. Eugene Robert Terry - May 17, 2004, Implementing Director of the African Agricultural Technology Foundation, Njala University, Sierra Leone.
  • Dr. Steve Sonka and NSRL Staff - July 13, 2004, Former Director of the National Soybean Research Laboratory, "World Initiative for Soy in Human Health."
  • Dr. Burt Swanson - Sept. 21, 2004, Professor Emeritus, Rural Development and Director, Egyptian AERI Linkage Project.
  • Dr. Robert Wiedenmann - Dec. 16, 2004, Director for the Center for Economic Entomology and Professor of Crop Sciences, "University of Illinois' Relationship with Pan American School of Agriculture, Honduras."


  • Agnes Quisumbing - March 20, 2003, Senior Research Fellow, Food Consumption and Nutrition Division, International Food Policy Research Institute, "Agricultural Development, Gender, and Global Food."
  • Paul B. Mulhollem - Sept. 18, 2003, President and Chief Operating Officer, Archer Daniels Midland Company.
  • Robert L. Thompson - Dec. 3, 2003, Director for Rural Development, Retired, World Bank, "Agricultural Trade and Food."


  • Per Pinstrip Anderson - Sept. 5, 2002, Director General, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, D.C., "Keynote on Global Food."
  • William Masters - Oct. 3, 2002, Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University, "Agroecology in Temperate vs. Tropical Climates."
  • Werner Kiene - Nov. 7, 2002, World Food Program Representative to the Bretton Woods Institutions.