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Sweet potato quality analysis is enhanced with hyperspectral imaging and AI

Sweet potatoes are a popular food choice for consumers worldwide because of their delicious taste and nutritious quality. The red, tuberous root vegetable can be processed into chips and fries, and it has a range of industrial applications, including textiles, biodegradable polymers, and biofuels.

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Illinois study: Systematic review of agricultural injuries can help inform safety measures

Agricultural occupations are  hazardous with one of the highest rates of workplace injuries and fatalities in the U.S. The manual and often strenuous nature of the work, combined with the use of machinery and exposure to environmental hazards create a challenging work environment. Understanding the nature and causes of injuries can help improve safety guidelines and policy measures. However, obtaining a comprehensive overview of injuries is hindered by the absence of a central reporting system.

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Carrying Forward: Emma Hawkinson's Illinois Family Legacy

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Illinois spirit flows deeply in the Hawkinson family! Meet Emma Hawkinson, a proud fourth-generation Illinois student, who carries this legacy with passion. For Emma and her family, the connection to Illinois is not a coincidence, but rather an intentional choice by each individual.

Microbial division of labor produces higher biofuel yields

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Scientists have found a way to boost ethanol production via yeast fermentation, a standard method for converting plant sugars into biofuels. Their approach, detailed in the journal Nature Communications, relies on careful timing and a tight division of labor among synthetic yeast strains to yield more ethanol per unit of plant sugars than previous approaches have achieved. 

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Local pipefitter expertise supports growing biomanufacturing industry in Central Illinois

URBANA, Ill. — Complex biomanufacturing equipment is required to turn corn and soybeans into value-added products through the process of fermentation.

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U of I researchers develop organic nanozymes suitable for agricultural use

URBANA, Ill. – Nanozymes are synthetic materials that mimic the properties of natural enzymes for applications in biomedicine and chemical engineering. They are generally considered too toxic and expensive for use in agriculture and food science.

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