ACES Study Abroad guarantees some scholarship funding for ACES students who apply for the ACES Study Abroad Scholarship

ACES Students are also eligible to apply for the campus-level I4I/IIP Study Abroad Scholarships and Enabled Abroad Scholarship

The Illinois Education Abroad website has a comprehensive overview of additional scholarships you can consider. Below are a few examples, but there are many more!

Financial aid

The amount and type of financial aid applicable to study abroad will depend on your financial aid package. We encourage all students planning to study abroad to consult with an advisor at the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA).

For further questions about how your financial aid package works with study abroad, please email

Understanding the Costs

Understanding all the costs associated with studying abroad can help you calculate the price of your ideal study abroad experience. Each of the programs offered through the ACES Study Abroad Office and the University of Illinois has budget sheets associated with their program application to help you estimate overall costs. 

Your costs fall into two categories: those billed by the University of Illinois to your Student Account ("billable costs") and those paid by you directly at the point of purchase ("non-billable costs").

Billable costs are billed to your University of Illinois student account and may include: study abroad application fee, ACES Study Abroad administrative fee, tuition, and applicable fees, and International Insurance and Safety Fee. For complete details, refer to the budget sheet for the program you are interested in.

Non-billable costs require payment directly to the entity that bills you. The cost items may include: program provider or host university fees, accommodation, meals, books and supplies, round-trip flight, local transport, passport, visa/supporting documents, immunizations, and additional personal expenses.  Please note you may need to pay for many of these charges in advance, while others may be due upon arrival. 

When you study abroad, you will continue to receive E-Bills from Illinois at the beginning of each month. Payment procedures for study abroad charges on your Illinois student account are the same as when you study on campus.


Tuition and fees are direct costs charged by the university. The cost of attendance also includes indirect cost allowances for food, housing, books, supplies, and other expenses. You will not be billed by the university for these costs unless you live in university housing. Use the Illinois Cost Calculator for an estimated cost of attendance.