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How local communities depend on the ivory palm tree in coastal Ecuador

URBANA, Ill. – The ivory palm tree, also known as tagua, is endemic to the Chocó-Darien region on the Pacific coast of South America. The local population relies on this unique tree for many uses and the tagua fruit, nuts, and leaves provide materials for a range of products.

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Community health program boosts child vaccinations in remote areas of Madagascar

URBANA, Ill. – Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world and access to health care is limited for many people. Childhood vaccinations are a crucial component of preventative care, but vaccination rates remain below the World Health Organization’s goal of reaching 95% of children.

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Misleading food labels? Illinois experts provide guidelines for legal cases

URBANA, Ill. — Food labels are a tricky business. Manufacturers must strike just the right balance to entice consumers without making false claims about their products. But if the number of lawsuits over misleading food labels is an indicator — 220 in 2020 alone — manufacturers are struggling. 

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What motivates family forest landowners to manage invasive species?

URBANA, Ill. — Over half of forests in the United States are privately owned, especially in the Eastern part of the country. This can make control of invasive species challenging, as efforts need to be coordinated among many different landowners.

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Carbon mitigation payments can make bioenergy crops more appealing for farmers

URBANA, Ill. — Bioenergy crops such as miscanthus and switchgrass provide several environmental benefits, but low returns and profit risks are barriers for investment by farmers.

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Meat processing plants: What factors are critical for survival?

URBANA, Ill.Meat processing plants in the U.S. have garnered considerable public attention in recent years, often focusing on production and labor issues. The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the vulnerability of large, concentrated plants, as major shutdowns led to reduced output and higher meat prices for consumers.

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Toward women and youth’s access to postharvest mechanization in Bangladesh

In observance of Earth Day (April 22), we share work being done by Maria Jones, associate director of the ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss, and Samantha Lindgren, assistant professor in the Department of Education and affiliated faculty member in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering and the Technology Entrepreneurship Center in the Grainger College of Engineering.

By Sam Lindgren, Ghaida Alrawashdeh, and Maria Jones

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