Access answers to some of our most frequently asked questions and as well as various resources you may find helpful as you navigate your Illinois experience. Find policies and procedures regarding a broad range of issues that may impact your academic performance including those related to health/mental health, disabilities, or questions about where to go on campus for different services.

Campus Mental Health Fair- Monday October 16th, from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. in the Illini Union I-Rooms. 

Anxiety and Desire Workshop Series - a series of 4 workshops on either desire or anxiety. Please email Mark Layng,, for more information and to sign up! 

Health & Wellness

Emotional Health

The Counseling Center offers services to help students develop coping skills to address emotional, interpersonal, and academic concerns. The Counseling Center provides individual, couples, and group sessions. Generally, they offer short-term counseling, but they do provide referrals when students need longer-term services. These services are included in your health services fee.

Tuesday @ 7 Workshops: Each semester, the Counseling Center Paraprofessionals present a series of psycho-educational workshops. These workshops cover a range of academic and personal issues such as study skills, time management, body image, multicultural concerns, long-distance relationships, leadership development, relaxation techniques, social skills, and other current topics affecting college students. See the full schedule at the Counseling Center or view their brochures.

Mark Layng, LCPC, is available to assist ACES students. 

McKinley Wellness App

The McKinley wellness app is an interactive way for students to monitor their well-being and get tips on how to handle various social situations, reduce stress, and improve study habits. Learn more about the wellness app.

Stress Management

The Stress Management Program offers opportunities for students to explore stress management strategies and relaxation techniques. The goal of the Stress Management Program is to help students maintain comfortable and productive levels of daily stress.

The campus Wellness Center offers activities and programs to help students to relax and live a healthier lifestyle.

Test Anxiety

The Counseling Center offers specialized screenings for test anxiety. Screenings are recommended for students who do well in other aspects of class but struggle with exams.

Screening Contact

Counseling Center
Address: 610 E. John Street
Phone: 217-333-3704

Discrimination & Misconduct

Discrimination or Acts of Intolerance

If you are the victim of or a witness to discrimination or an act of intolerance, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students. Their Office of Student Conflict Resolution reports and provides resources for recognizing and avoiding these activities.

Sexual Misconduct

The WE CARE website contains resources for victims, their families and friends, as well as campus policies and procedures for faculty and staff.

The Women’s Resources Center is a confidential resource center related to sexual assault/rape, sexual harassment, stalking, and abuse within a relationship (sometimes called dating or domestic violence).

Documented & Learning Disabilities

Documented Disabilities

The Division of Disability Resources & Educational Services (DRES) provides services to students with documented disabilities. For example, for students, DRES provides adapted testing services, accessible transportation, assistance with campus accessibility, and plans for other necessary accommodations.
Address: 1207 South Oak Street
Phone: 217-333-1970

Screening for ADHD or Learning Disabilities

The Counseling Center offers specialized screenings for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disabilities. If students are struggling with exams but doing well on homework and other facets of class, or if tutoring and other efforts do not seem to be helping, screening is recommended.

Screening Contacts

Counseling Center
Address: 610 E. John Street, Champaign
Phone: 217-333-3704

McKinley Mental Health Clinic
Address: 1109 S. Lincoln Avenue, Urbana
Phone: 217-333-2705

Disability Resources & Educational Services
Address: 1207 S. Oak St., Champaign
Phone: 217-333-1970

Families, Finances, & Housing

Family and Children

To support Student-Parents at Illinois in their educational journey, we offer this forum as a platform for identifying resources, locating policies, learning about programs, and connecting to peers.

Financial Concerns

The Office of Student Financial Aid can answer questions about financial aid awards and balances, can help you search for scholarships and funding, and houses the campus Virtual Job Board.


The Tenant Union provides free services to University of Illinois students including:

  • Help Finding Apartments and Houses
  • Landlord Complaint Records
  • Lease Reviews
  • Tenant-Landlord Conflict Help
  • Educational Programming

University Housing Division offers several different types of living options for enrolled students on campus.

Fraternity and Sorority Affairs supports and advises the Black Greek, Interfraternity, Panhellenic, and United Greek Councils, as well as individual chapters on the Urbana-Champaign campus.