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Lightning sparks scientists’ design of ultraviolet-C device for food sanitization

Scientists in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have developed a portable, self-powered ultraviolet-C device called the Tribo-sanitizer that can inactivate two of the bacteria responsible for many foodborne illnesses and deaths.

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Sweet Success: FSHN alum turns passion into full-time cookie business

In honor of National Cookie Day, Alyssa Deolitsis reflects on kickstarting her own business with help from her degree.

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Online master’s program provides flexibility for food science professionals

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Vanessa Herrera works at Conagra Brands as a principal development scientist in the meat snacks research and innovation team. She’s a student in the online Master of Science in Food Science program.

ER-positive breast cancer presents differing metabolic signatures in African American, white women

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — New research found the most common form of breast cancer presents differing metabolic signatures in the blood of African American women with estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer compared with non-Hispanic white women. The scientists also identified a protein – negative elongation factor complex E – that was linked with higher mortality rates among African American women with estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer. 

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New grant to optimize gut microbes, boost health benefits of broccoli

URBANA, Ill. — Love it or hate it, broccoli is chock-full of health-promoting chemicals linked to heart health, cancer prevention, immune function, weight management, and more. However,  some people are less efficient than others at unlocking those chemical benefits.

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Could microplastics in soil introduce drug-resistant superbugs to the food supply?

URBANA, Ill. — Like every industry, modern farming relies heavily on plastics. Think plastic mulch lining vegetable beds, PVC pipes draining water from fields, polyethylene covering high tunnels, and plastic seed, fertilizer, and herbicide packaging, to name a few.

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Study: Infant formula safety checks can be improved with stratified sampling

URBANA, Ill.  – Producers of infant formula employ comprehensive food safety systems, including product testing to ensure those systems are working.

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