Data and Technology

logo of a laptop with data bars on itOur researchers are on the forefront of technology and data science, harnessing the power of big data, supercomputers, and machine learning to advance decision-making in agriculture, robotics, health, conservation, and more.

These impacts are made possible through public and private investments, legislator support, multi-institutional partnerships, and the dedication of faculty and student scholars. 

Below, we showcase a fraction of our world-class research in the area of data and technology. You can also subscribe to our DISCOVER research newsletter to stay abreast of new developments in ACES research. 

Satellites, supercomputers, and machine learning provide real-time crop type data

New approach will help geneticists identify genes responsible for complex traits

Urban metabolism: Collaboration uses big data to look at health of cities through food, water, and energy systems

Ag robot speeds data collection, analyses of crops as they grow