The College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) seeks to encourage diversity and multiculturalism among its faculty, staff, and student body.

A diversity committee, charged with becoming knowledgeable about the college's diversity plans and efforts and serving as liaison with Inclusive Illinois was established in 2017.

The 2021-2022 diversity committee members include:

  • Angela Green-Miller, ABE, Chair
  • V. Chuno, HDFS
  • Maria Cattai de Godoy, ANSC
  • Tiffany Jamann, CPSC
  • McKenzie Johnson, NRES
  • Paul McNamara, ACE
  • Yanina Pepino, FSHN
  • Lauren Quinn, ACES Marketing
  • Diana Rodriguez, Academic Programs
  • Lauren Lynch, Graduate Student, NRES
  • Joe Bohn, ex officio

Please contact these committee members with comments and questions about diversity and inclusion issues such as security and safety, resources, and training. To the end of encouraging diversity and multiculturalism, the college has committed itself to a strategic plan.

For more information about diversity at the University of Illinois, visit the Illinois Office of Access & Equity website