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About Our College

The College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences has a long history with the University of Illinois. Today, it is highly respected for its reputation of excellence in teaching, research, and outreach programs.

Continual Innovation

Our diverse array of research and degree programs is unified under the mission of using science to stretch the frontiers of knowledge. We create new technologies, develop new processes and change standards across a range of disciplines—food and agricultural systems, natural resources and the environment, human activities and health, energy and biological systems, and more. In ACES we focus on innovation not for its own sake, but to affect the way we live and work.

Dean Kimberlee K. Kidwell
Meet Dean Kimberlee K. Kidwell

Dean Kimberlee Kidwell, a nationally respected scholar of plant breeding and genetics, holds the inaugural Robert A. Easter Chair in the College of ACES at the University of Illinois. Not only is she an award-winning teacher and student mentor, but she is also an outstanding academic administrator with extensive experience in academic program development, financial management, and engagement.

Voices of ACES

We believe the best way to tell our story is through the amazing people who make up the ACES family.  Read our college blog and discover the stories of those people to better understand what we do in the College of ACES.

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