We fulfill our mission by exploring ideas holistically. Diverse perspectives are vital to solving critical challenges, and we welcome all who are up to this great task. We support each of our students, faculty, and staff regardless of race, gender, ability, orientation, or identity.

Our college and department diversity, equity, and inclusion committees work to include diverse perspectives in our hiring, retention, promotion, and teaching practices. The college committee also serves as liaison to Inclusive Illinois. For more information about diversity at the University of Illinois, visit the Illinois Office of Access & Equity website.

Please contact our committee members for information about ACES diversity and inclusion issues such as security and safety, resources, and training. 

2022-2023 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Members
  • Jaume Amengual, FSHN
  • Maria Cattai de Godoy, ANSC
  • Aaron Ebata, HDFS
  • Angela Green-Miller, ABE, 2022-2023 Chair
  • Tiffany Jamann, CPSC
  • Paul McNamara, ACE
  • Lauren Quinn, Office of Marketing Communications
  • Diana Rodriguez, Academic Programs
  • Anthony Yannarell, NRES
  • Diabolique Chablis Marie Scott, Undergraduate Student
  • Justin Ka-Hong Chiu, Undergraduate Student
  • Jailene (Martha) Aguirre, Graduate Student
  • Kaylee Wells, Graduate Student
  • Joe Bohn, ex officio
  • Amy Ando, ACES EC Liaison