We wouldn't be able to support our minority constituents without the dedicated support of our advisors, executive board, and committee chairs. Their commitment to and collaboration with local and regional communities enhances recognition of agricultural and related sciences and supports academic and professional opportunities.


Diana Rodriguez

Diana Rodriguez
Advisor and Coordinator of Diversity Programs

Roxanne Patino

Roxanne Patino

Executive Board
Executive Board Members.
Committee Chairs
Executive board members.

Executive Board

Jarvis Williams

Jarvis Williams, President
Hey MANRRS! My name is Jarvis S. Williams, and I am honored to be serving as the MANRRS-Illinois Chapter President for this 2023 - 2024 academic year! I’m currently a senior majoring in Engineering Technology and Management for Agricultural Systems! MANRRS is an excellent organization that has given me the ability to network with people across the nation and opportunities to obtain internships. I’ve been impacted greatly in a positive way in which MANRRS shaped me into the person I am today and gave me a diverse perspective in the works of agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences.

Vitaly Capitaine

Vitaly Capitaine, Vice President
Hello everyone! My name is Vitaly Capitaine, and I am a Junior studying Animal Sciences with a Science, Pre-Veterinary, and Medical concentration. I plan on finishing my undergraduate studies and then attending Veterinary School to get my Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine with the hopes of being board-certified in Large Animal Surgery and/or Emergency and Critical Care.

My journey with MANRRS started the summer after my junior year of high school when I participated in the USDA AgDiscovery program hosted by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I had so much fun while learning about One Health and completing different activities and I was able to stay in constant communication with Diana (one of our advisors).

MANRRS has helped me develop in a personal and professional manner. Attending the different workshops we host, going to the National Conference, and working with fellow MANRRS members have helped me learn so much about Agriculture and Related fields while developing my professional portfolio.

I hope to help support all of our members and make them feel as welcome as I feel in our organization. Since we focus on building a welcoming and supportive environment, I will work with our commitee chairs to make sure everyone is heard and has the resources needed to succeed! If you ever see me around campus, feel free to say hi and introduce yourself! We're all looking forward to a successful and prosperous year ahead so don't miss out!

Dayja Johnson

Dayja Johnson, Treasurer
Hello everyone, my name is Dayja Johnson and I am a Junior in Agricultural and Biological Engineering with a concentration in ecological engineering. I hope to use my degree to engineer ways to reduce human impact on the environment and to restore what has already been destroyed. I went to my first MANRRS meeting my sophomore year because I was interested in agriculture and the environment and I continue to be a part of this RSO because the people, the opportunities, and the support here is amazing. MANRRS has given me resources to beter myself, access to internships and programs that have helped me develop a beter sense of what I want to do after college, and a wonderful group of people to share these experiences with. As treasurer, I hope to organize a few fundraisers and help develop a sense of community among MANRRS members.

Michi Vazquez

Michi Vazquez, Secretary

Hello everyone! My name is Michi Vazquez, and I will be your MANRRS Secretary for this academic year! I am extremely interested in working with companion animals and animal nutrition. My career goals are to hopefully either go to veterinary school and become a Companion Animal Veterinarian or a Companion Animal Nutritionist.

I initially joined MANRRS last year when I was a freshman. I was looking for a place where I would find others like myself, both a Latina/o and or an animal sciences major. But I was also looking forward to meeting new people, as I was brand new to MANRRS.

As this is my second year being a part of MANNRS, and my first year being a part of the executive board, my goals for this academic year are not only to get new members to join, but to also get our GA members to be more active within our MANRRS chapter and create more opportunities for our members to get to know each other beter, and be more involved in our chapter.

As a minority, I’ve always liked taking part in anything that regarded being involved with other minorities like me. Diversity is something I truly value and coming to UIUC has continued this reason. MANRRS has also provided a safe space where everyone is welcomed and friendly to each other.

Tailia Wetzel

Tailia Wetzel, Historian

My name is Tailia and I am a sophomore majoring in Animal Science. With my position, I plan for MANNRS is to increase the number of social events/opportunities for the members who continuously show their engagement and effort in MANNRS. By increasing the number of social events and opportunities for engaged and dedicated members, MANNRS will create a stronger sense of community among members, new and old.

I am a part of MANNRS because this RSO makes me feel welcome, regardless of my background and major. I have indeed found a safe space within MANNRS. Diversity is one of the critical components that makes MANNRS a unique and valuable organization.

Committee Chairs

Ashley Equihua

Ashley Equihua, Community Service Chair

Hello everyone! My name is Ashley Equihua, and I am a junior majoring in Food Science and Human Nutrition with a minor in Chemistry on the pre-med track. I am currently serving as the Community Service Commitee chair.

I take on the role of planning community service activities and events promoting the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences. I am most looking forward to expanding membership to maximize success in several individuals’ future careers.

Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Panama my freshman year and South Africa my sophomore year.

Amy Hernandez

Amy Hernandez, Junior MANRRS Chair

Hey everyone! My name is Amy Hernandez, and I am currently a junior studying Animal Sciences with a concentration in Pre-Veterinary and Medical studies, as well as a minor in Ecology and Conservation Biology. I am happy to say that I will be serving as this year's Jr. MANNRS commitee chair.

At the beginning of my sophomore year, I was dragged to a MANNRS meeting by a friend and haven't left since! I found MANNRS to be a comfortable place, surrounded by laughs and great people. MANNRS has given me a sense of belonging and motivation to be actively involved in the University.

I look forward to meeting new members, making great memories, and showing our new members and our community the beauty and strength of MANNRS UIUC!

Miriam Rojas

Miriam Rojas, ACES Council / LCASO Chair Senior in Animal Sciences 

Hi! My name is Miriam Rojas, and I am a junior in Animal Science pursuing a leadership certificate. My career goals now are unknown but I have a great interest in Equine Reproduction. I joined MANRRS to learn more about agriculture but to my surprise, MANRRS has impacted me in many positive ways. Thanks to MANRRS I have been able to establish great relationships, plenty of networking, leadership opportunities, and personal growth. As an ACES/LCASO representative, I hope to be the voice and ears for MANRRS within the College of ACES and possibly campus-wide, while not only improving my leadership skills but also being a resource of connection for any student in the organization.