Degree requirements: none
Eligibility: current University of Illinois students or non-degree students
Program length: 2-3 semesters, 9 hours, 3 courses
Format: hybrid
Required course: ACE 255, Economics of Food & Environmental Justice 

There is no Planet B. Empower your potential to be a catalyst for change by engaging in critical conversations that have global impacts. Students enrolled in this certificate can customize their experience by choosing one of four specialty areas of investigation: policy and law, climate change and society, food production systems, and resources and influence.

Student holding a sign that reads "there is no planet B."
Students working in crop fields.

Specializations and Courses

 indicates a pre-requisite course or academic standing requirement for enrollment

* indicates the course satisfies one or more general education requirements

 Policy & Law

  • (Required) ACE 255: Economics of Food & Environmental Justice (required course, 3 credits)
  • Choose two courses from list:
    • ACE 203: Introduction to Public Policy and Law (3 credits, fall)
    • ACE 306: Food Law (3 credits, spring)
    • NRES 424: US Environment, Justice, and Policy
    • NRES 425: Natural Resources Law & Policy (3 credits)
    • CEE 438: Science and Environmental Policy

Climate Change & Society

  • (Required) ACE 255: Economics of Food & Environmental Justice (required course, 3 credits)
  • Choose two courses from list:
    • ABE 232: Context in International Interventions* (3 credits, fall)
    • LEAD 340: Leadership Ethics & Society: Addressing Contemporary Challenges* (3 credits, fall)
    • NRES 105: Climate Change Impacts on Ecological Systems* (3 credits, spring)
    • NRES 224: Social Justice and Environment* (3 credits, fall)
    • NRES 287: Environment & Society* (3 credits, spring)
    • ANTH 278: Climate Change & Civilization* (3 credits, fall)
    • ANTH 209: Food, Culture, and Society* (3 credits, spring/summer)


Food Production Systems

  • (Required) ACE 255: Economics of Food & Environmental Justice (required course, 3 credits)
  • Choose two courses from list:
    • ABE 152: Water in the Global Environment* (3 credits, fall)
    • ANSC 101: Contemporary Animal Issues (3 credits, spring)
    • ANSC 205: World Animal Resources* (3 credits, spring/summer/fall)
    • ANSC 255: Animal Ethics* (3 credits, fall)
    • ANSC 305: Human Animal Interactions* (3 credits, spring/fall)
    • CPSC 116: The Global Food Production Web * (3 credits, spring)
    • HORT 205: Local Food Systems (3 credits, fall)
    • PLPA 200: Plants, Pathogens, and People* (3 credits, spring)


Resources & Influence

  • (Required) ACE 255: Economics of Food & Environmental Justice (required course, 3 credits)
  • Choose two courses from list:
    • ACE 210: Environmental Economics* (3 credits, spring/fall)
    • ACE 251: World Food Economy* (3 credits, spring/fall)
    • ACE 310: Natural Resource Economics (3 credits, fall)
    • AGCM 330: Environmental Communications (3 credits, spring/fall)
    • HDFS 330: Reasoning for Everyday Life (3 credits, fall)
    • ETMA 311: Humanity in the Food Web* (3 credits, spring/fall)

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