Tailor your education so that you can be a catalyst for positive environmental change.

This degree prepares students from all backgrounds for a career protecting the environment and improving access to healthy food.

The core curriculum includes courses from all academic departments in ACES. This allows you to explore a variety of fields related to food security, environmental advocacy, and social contexts. Once you decide which areas interest you most, you can customize your education to align with your career goals.

This multidisciplinary program is ideal for students who want to study many different aspects of sustainable food supply chains. Customize your own path, or choose from:

  • policy and law
  • climate change and society
  • food production systems
  • resources and influence
Students examining soil with a profoessor.
Students taking notes in a forested area.
Program Highlights

Students in this program will:

  • Build a solid foundation in environmental science.
  • Analyze the scientific, social, political, and economic impacts of climate change 
  • Embrace diverse cultural perspectives and identities.
  • Investigate policies and laws of food security, sustainability, and justice.
  • Design creative solutions for real-world sustainability issues.
  • Pursue hands-on learning through internships, research, study abroad, and local community opportunities.
Potential Career Fields
  • Research in Environmental Issues and Systems 
  • Government or non-governmental organizations (NGO)
  • Environmental or Food Law
  • Corporate or Entrepreneurial endeavors in:
    • Sustainability 
    • Environment and Environmental Systems 
    • Food Justice and Security
    • Food Processing 
    • Water Quality 
    • Food Production Systems
    • Climate Change 


Debra Korte
Assistant Dean for Learning Innovation

I'm here to help you explore career possibilities and build a curriculum that aligns with your passions. Please reach out to me with any questions you have about this program. Together, we can tackle the world's biggest challenges.

Send me a note at: dskorte@illinois.edu

Debra Korts
Logan Honegger
Coordinator for Advising and Student Success
Logan Honneger

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