Employer Career Fair Information

ACES + LAS Virtual Career Fair 2020

Sept. 24, 2020 | 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.



$300 standard registration | $200 non-profit registration


All ACES + LAS majors are invited to this fair including Stat & Math majors. Note students may be joining the fair from different countries so their time may be different.


Please provide contact information and you will receive an email from CareerEco with the video link to review. This is a nice overview for anyone who has used the tool before.

For a specific Chat Tool Tutorial: https://player.vimeo.com/video/129982882 (approx. 4 min)

Chat Tool PDF Tutorial: https://s3.amazonaws.com/celive/assets/a3700a70-bc84-48f4-b683-a9dd59265464.pdf

Virtual platform

The ACES + LAS Fair is using the CareerEco platform - CareerEco.com. Features on this platform include:

  • A live chat with features that are web-based and accessible via internet connection using desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.
  • Interactive Chat tool which provides live organization and candidate communication platform
  • Participating organizations are provided with an interactive chat room(s) and customized profile page, which showcases information about their entity, such as organization descriptions, videos, pictures, PDF links, and social media links
  • Job Board for organization’s job postings and resume keyword search tool

Features of the live chat:

  • Group Sessions: Attendees communicate questions/comments in a group chat format which is visible to chat room attendees
  • Private Sessions: Attendees communicate in private chat windows for more personalized interaction
  • Video Chat Sessions: Utilizes the same chat platform and no special equipment is required, only built-in or attachable cameras are needed (broadcast to room & one-to-one video chat available); multi-media options compatible with either Google Chrome or Firefox browsers Screen share presentation capability to conduct online presentations to the chat visitors
  • Organization representatives can have multiple chats, both private and public simultaneously; organization is provided with unlimited number of user logins
  • Attendees enter multiple chat rooms based on their interest and navigate seamlessly to each chat room at their convenience
  • Training and web-based tutorial provided to organizations’ representatives and candidates regarding utilization of the CareerEco virtual event system
  • A transcript of the chat sessions and chat room attendance reports are available to organization during/after the evenunicate in private chat windows for more personalized interaction


For interviews with the following majors note the contact who may best assist you:

ACES - Jean Drasgow | jdrasgow@illinois.edu

LAS Chemistry & Chemical Sciences - Patricia Simpson | plblum@illinois.edu

LAS Math - A.J. Schmidt | ajs167@illinois.edu

LAS Statistics - Andrea Franklin | afrank00@illinois.edu

LAS Humanities - Kirstin Wilcox | kwilcox@illinois.edu

Additional fairs & events

ACES + LAS First Year Connect - This is a new event that is focused on connecting ACES + LAS First Year Students with employers. This event will be held via the virtual career fair platform on Handshake @ Illinois. However, the intent of this event is for first year (freshman/transfer) students to meet employers and practice introducing themselves.There is no fee for employers to participate in this event. It is the week of Oct. 5-9.

Additional fairs will be held this fall; registration information can be found on Handshake @ Illinois.