Our experienced advisors are here to guide you through your academic journey. Consider us your support team. We will advocate for you every step of the way and position you for a bright future. Whether you need help with registration, declaring a major, meeting graduation requirements, or tips on helpful resources, you can count on us to answer all your questions.

Departmental Advising

Each department has Academic Advisors who can answer your questions about degree requirements and course selection. Your advisor will help you explore potential careers to choose a major and classes based on your goals. Some forms require a signature from your advisor or a departmental advising coordinator. 

If you have questions or concerns about advising, visit the ACES Academic Programs office at 128 Mumford Hall or by emailing ACES-Academics@illinois.edu or calling 217-333-3380.

Tracking Your Progress

You should review your Degree Audit each semester. This personalized audit shows you which courses you must take to complete your degree program, and how the credits you have earned count toward your degree program. If you transferred courses from another institution, they will show up in your audit. If your transfer courses don't show up, you'll need to send an official transcript to complete the transfer.

Resources for International Students

International students can find many resources about advising and immigration services on the International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) website. The Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations provides services and programs to ensure all students feel welcome and supported.

Academic Policies

If you have questions about Academic Policies, see the Student Code, especially Article 3. The Student Code is the authoritative source for rules that apply to undergraduate students on the Urbana-Champaign campus. All students should be familiar with the Student Code.

New Student Registration

Part of the transition to campus is to prepare for New Student Registration. Here you can explore some of the provided resources to help you prepare for your registration appointment and registration process as well as help you understand what the role of an academic advisor is in the College of ACES.

Departmental Advisors

ACES Undeclared

Logan Honegger
Senior Coordinator for Advising & Student Success
128 Mumford Hall
Appointment scheduler

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

For advising questions, please email: tsm-etm-abe-advising@rt.aces.illinois.edu

Appointment Scheduler

Dr. Luis Rodriguez
Advising Coordinator
372a AESB

Anne Marie Boone
Student Academic Program Coordinator
360p AESB

Agricultural and Consumer Economics

Agri-Accounting; Finance in Agribusiness; Financial Planning
Caroline Helton
Senior Academic Advisor/Recruitment Coordinator
304 Mumford Hall
Appointment scheduler

Consumer Economics and Finance; Environmental Economics and Policy; Policy Trade and Development,
Chaya Sandler
Academic Advisor and Experiential Learning Coordinator
304 Mumford Hall
Appointment scheduler

Agribusiness, Markets and Management; Farm Management; Public Policy and Law

Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication

Agricultural Education 
Gary Ochs
174B Bevier Hall
Appointment scheduler

Organizational and Community Leadership
Jenn Smist
Teaching Assistant Professor, Coordinator - Minor in Leadership Studies
174D Bevier Hall
Appointment Scheduler

Agricultural Communications
Pam Axtman-Barker
174C Bevier Hall
Appointment Scheduler

Animal Sciences and Computer Science + Animal Sciences

Caitlin Morris
Academic Advisor/Undergraduate Recruiter Coordinator
108 Animal Sciences Lab
Appointment options

Alicia Schneider
Academic Advisor
110 Animal Sciences Lab
Appointment options

Aimee Shasteen
Academic Advisor
106 Animal Sciences Lab
Appointment options

Crop Sciences and Computer Science + Crop Sciences and Plant Biotechnology

Erika Olivares
Undergraduate Recruiter & Academic Advisor
AE-120 Turner Hall
Appointment Scheduler

Engineering Technology & Management for Agricultural Systems

For advising questions, please email: tsm-etm-abe-advising@rt.aces.illinois.edu

Appointment Scheduler

Travis Johnson
Academic Advisor, Recruiter, & Instructor

Paul Davidson
Associate Professor
360 E Agricultural Engr Sciences Bld
(217) 300-3755

Food Science and Human Nutrition

Dr. Justine Karduck
Clinical Assistant Professor
345 Bevier Hall
Appointment scheduler

Food Science
Sihui Ma
Teaching Assistant Professor
445 Bevier Hall
Appointment scheduler 

Hospitality Management
Jill Craft
Clinical Assistant Professor
295 Bevier Hall
Appointment scheduler 

Human Nutrition
Susan Coppess
Nutrition Advisor & Academic Collaboration Projects
440 Bevier Hall
Appointment scheduler

Human Development and Family Studies

Barbara Anderson
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
237 Bevier Hall
Appointment scheduler

Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

Susan Helmink
Academic Advising Coordinator
N-507 Turner Hall
Select NRES Advising Appointments for appointment options

Sustainability in Food & Environmental Systems

Logan Honegger
Senior Coordinator for Advising & Student Success
128 Mumford Hall
Appointment scheduler