Thanks to the generosity of our many donors and supporters, the College of ACES is committed to providing financial support to recognize the hard work and accomplishments of our students, and administers many scholarships that are not specific to one major or option. More than 150 different scholarship funds are used to support hundreds of our current and incoming students, and these criteria-based scholarships are awarded on an annual basis.

ACES scholarships

2022-2023 timeline for undergraduate scholarships

2022-2023 College of ACES Scholarship application will be available December 21 - February 15. All eligible students will receive an e-mail inviting them to participate along with reminder e-mails every two weeks after until the final deadline of February 15 if a student hasn't completed the application. If you believe you are eligible and haven't received the e-mail, please e-mail for access. Awards will be announced over the summer. Off-campus and on-campus transfers to the College of ACES will be invited to apply via their application or Illinois e-mail account May 1 with the final submission date of June 1. Students must have applied and been accepted to the College of ACES by May 1 to be sent the application to apply for scholarships.  

pdf of the essay questions listed on the application is available for students that would like to work on the essays ahead of filling out the application. 

Who is eligible to be considered for scholarships?

Any undergraduate student who is pursuing a major in the College of ACES during the academic year for which the scholarships apply is eligible to be considered. Current ACES students and on- or off-campus transfer students who will pursue a major in the College of ACES must submit the online general College of ACES scholarship application to be considered.

*Incoming first-year students do not need to submit this application. The application for admission doubles as an application for the scholarship.

When does the selection process for scholarships in ACES occur?

The selection process occurs after the College of ACES scholarship application deadline and typically concludes in late July. Students are notified about their scholarship status over the summer through their email (to the U of I email address).

On what basis are students selected to receive a scholarship?

Recipients are selected on the basis of academic merit, as well as meeting specific criteria, which could include such factors as county of residence, year in school, or career interest, to name a few examples. Most scholarship recipients have a grade point average of at least 3.0. Students must be in good academic standing to be selected for scholarships.

Does the general College of ACES scholarship application have to be submitted every year?

Yes, students who wish to be considered for scholarships must submit the general College of ACES scholarship application every year (at the conclusion of their freshman, sophomore, and junior years).

Is it possible to be awarded the same College of ACES Scholarship more than once?

Scholarships are not automatically renewable, but students may be eligible (depending on the scholarship criteria) to be considered for the same scholarship in multiple academic years, provided the student submits the general online College of ACES scholarship application.

Do current students have to submit the FAFSA to be considered for criteria-based scholarships?

The FAFSA is only required for students who wish to be considered for scholarships for which financial need is required. Please note that you must complete the FAFSA if you want to be considered for federal financial aid.  More information is available through the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Is there a current list of ACES scholarships that ACES students are considered for with the continuing student scholarship application?

Yes, the Office of Student Financial Aid provides a listing of these ACES scholarships that are used in the award process. 

Scholarship options

In addition to the general ACES scholarships, students can also apply for specialized scholarships. 

Jonathan Baldwin Turner Scholars

Research Scholarships

Study Abroad Scholarships

Jonathan Baldwin Turner Scholars 

The Jonathan Baldwin Turner (JBT) scholarship program is a renewable, merit-based scholarship supporting College of ACES students who demonstrate leadership, community service, and a commitment to an ACES field of study, as well as the land-grant mission.

The JBT program has gone through a change that will be implemented for the 2021-22 year.  Beginning Fall 2021 Eligible first-year students with a minimum overall GPA of 3.4 or higher after the Fall 2021 term will be invited through their Illinois email account to apply to become a JBT Scholar during the Spring 2022. Applicants will participate in interviews with College of ACES faculty, staff, alumni and other stakeholders.

Selected students are able to join and participate in a long legacy of JBT scholarship earners to help create a stronger connection to the major, college and alumni. Recipients receive $2,500 in years one and two and $3,000 in year three, with a sustained GPA of 3.4 or higher and involvement in JBT professional development activities.

Questions about the College of ACES scholarship program?

Please email ACES Academic Programs or call 217-333-3380.