The Student Leadership Committee assists the College of ACES in its friend-raising and fundraising activities. As college ambassadors, members represent the student body at numerous college and alumni events and programs both on and off-campus. SLC also assists the college in the recruitment of prospective students. You might have seen us around the ACES campus in orange and navy polo shirts and khakis helping with events.

    How to Apply

    Any undergraduate student enrolled in the University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences (ACES) is eligible to apply for membership in the Student Advancement Committee.

    Current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in the College of ACES are encouraged to apply for membership in SAC. Based on application and interview scores, 30 students are typically selected to serve a full one-year term beginning May 2019. If you are gone for a semester (i.e., study abroad/student teaching), you can still apply. We will accept up to 5 part-time members.

    Students with demonstrated leadership, strong interpersonal skills, and an interest in meeting and hosting diverse groups of people are encouraged to apply.  All current members wishing to continue their service are required to reapply annually.


    • Represent the College of ACES with dignity, enthusiasm, and pride
    • Participate in committee events and activities
    • Participate in monthly meetings
    • Maintain academic success
    • Be a team player

    An interview committee composed of advisors, faculty, and graduating senior members of the current committee will review applications and conduct interviews for final selection as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee. This shall be done in the spring semester. The committee members selected shall serve for a twelve-month period. All committee members must re-apply for selection to the committee in subsequent years.

    The committee shall strive to maintain a membership that represents the diversity of the students in the University of Illinois College of ACES.

    Annual Events & Projects                                                      

    • Thanking Drives                                          
    • Jonathan Baldwin Turner Scholarship banquet          
    • Tassel Turn                                                  
    • Alumni gatherings across the state          
    • Salute to Agriculture Day                            
    • I Pay It Forward Campaign                        
    • Spring Professional Development Trip      
    • Monthly SAC Meetings
    • Donor Recognition


    Nick Wherley
    Coordinator of Agriculture Outreach and Recruitment

    Meghan Clodfelter
    Coordinator of Alumni Engagement

    Emily Franey
    Coordinator of Undergraduate Recruitment