Tutoring and Study Resources

We've gathered a list of tutoring resources, categorized by subject below, as well as some resources to help students improve their study habits.

Subject specific


Accountancy CARE, Center for Academic Resources in Engineering
Biology Grammarly @edu (writing)
Chemistry OMSA
Engineering Software / Computer Applications
Economics Time Management
History Tutor Matching Service
Integrative Biology Writer's Workshop
Molecular and Cellular Biology   


College of Business Peer Tutors Program offers trained tutors (Accountancy seniors and graduate students) free of charge to assist students who need help. You do not need an appointment.


Strategies for Studying Biology Video by Brad Mehrtens, Instructor of MCB 150 and MCB Academic Advisor.

Each of these tips is so short that they seem deceptively simple, but they are each very powerful, and neglecting to do them is behind virtually all unsuccessful attempts at our intro biology courses.
Learn more: about.com/biology


The Chemistry Learning Center

The Chemistry Learning Center provides free tutoring services to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in chemistry courses.
Learn more: The Chemistry Learning Center
Address: 212 Chemistry Annex
Phone: 217-333-2998

Alpha Chi Sigma

This organization is a professional chemistry fraternity. We provide tutoring to students in most levels of chemistry classes. Anyone in a chemistry class is eligible. The tutoring is provided at the Chemistry Learning Center.
Learn more: Alpha Chi Sigma
Contact: zeta.axe.ma@gmail.com

ACS Student Affiliates

Members of the American Chemical Society Student Affiliates also provide free assistance for students taking chemistry courses at the University of Illinois. Subjects and times are listed here.


Center for Academic Resources in Engineering (CARE)

Undergraduate engineering students who've mastered course material in a set of particular courses and are eager and excited to help you gain a better understanding of the material by sharing best practices and problem-solving techniques that will help you successfully complete your courses.
Learn more: CARE
Address: Fourth floor Grainger Engineering Library, West Wing, North Alcove

Tau Beta Pi

Tau Beta Pi provides free tutoring in many engineering-related subjects and prerequisites to engineering courses, such as math, chemistry, physics, computer science and TAM. Hours vary by semester. Tutoring begins during approximately the second week of school.

This year Tau Beta Pi is partnering with CARE to provide better tutoring services. Please see the CARE Tutoring Schedule for class availability. Tutoring will be from 1-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Learn more: Tau Beta Pi Office
Contact: Peer Tutoring Coordinator, Rohan Sehgal
Phone: 217-244-8399


Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics

The Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics has current undergraduate students who have agreed to have their names added to this tutoring resource list. They are not directly supervised by the Department of ACE. Contact the individual tutor regarding scheduling and fees.
Learn more: ACE Tutoring

ECON Tutoring Center

1 – 6 p.m.

*Hours will be increased during exams and posted on our Facebook page.
Tutoring for: ECON 102, 103, 202, 203, 302, 303, and some of the advanced level topics (400), along with some Math (MATH 220/221, 231, and some more advanced depending on the tutor), Statistics, and other related courses.

The tutoring center is offered by the department for students to utilize during fall and spring semesters. The tutors are advanced level economics undergraduate students who have completed with extremely high/perfect grades most or all of their undergraduate requirements.

There is no charge, and you can stop by anytime the tutors are scheduled. The times and location are updated each semester, and the department provides more information in the weekly newsletters (each Monday) and on Facebook if the schedule changes.

The tutors are able to assist with general questions and concepts. If you have specific questions about homework or tests, please see your TA or instructor during office hours. We will provide extended hours during exams.
Social: Facebook
Address: 21 DKH (basement level)


Phi Alpha Theta

Tutoring is offered by the Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society.

Integrative Biology

The IB Club Integrative Illini offers free peer tutoring for a variety of IB courses. Please email for more information and a list of courses with tutors available.
Contact: integrativeillini@gmail.com


How to study math

The Math Department has put together this handout to help students study Math. In addition, the course website for each math course includes links to tutoring resources.

Mathematics Department Tutoring

The Mathematics Department offers both free tutoring services as well as private tutoring (for a fee). Hours vary, Monday through Friday.
Learn more: Math Tutoring
Address: Mathematics Office, 273 Altgeld Hall
Phone: (217) 333-3350

Molecular and Cellular Biology


MCB LIGASE will be holding their regular tutoring hours for MCB 150, 250, AND 252 plus CHEM 102 AND 104 on: 

Tuesdays from 5 – 8 p.m.
Wednesdays from 5 – 8 p.m.
Thursdays from 5 -– 7 p.m.

All study hours take place on the top floor of the UGL (Undergraduate Library) in Group Room 5.
Contact: mcbligaseuiuc@gmail.com

The MCB Learning Center

The MCB Learning Center is available to students for individual or group study sessions. Most MCB Teaching Assistants and some Instructors host office hours in the Learning Center. Specific course and instructor hours will be posted at the entrance. Students are allowed to meet with any TA assigned to their specific course, regardless of the discussion they are enrolled in. The room is equipped with Macintosh computers for student use.

Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the fall and spring semester.
Closed during campus breaks and summer session.
Address: Room 101 Burrill Hall (previously the Biology Library)
Phone: 217-244-8877


Center for Academic Resources in Engineering (CARE)

Undergraduate engineering students who've mastered course material in a set of particular courses and are eager and excited to help you gain a better understanding of the material by sharing best practices and problem-solving techniques that will help you successfully complete your courses.
Learn more: CARE
Address: Fourth floor Grainger Engineering Library, West Wing, North Alcove


Psi Chi

Psi Chi, an honorary society in psychology, provides free tutoring services for students enrolled in psychology courses.
Learn more: Psi Chi
Address: Psychology Student Information (PSI) Center, Room 9, Psychology Building

MANRRS Peer Mentoring

The MANRRS peer-mentoring program is an opportunity for students to become a resource for one another. Many of the majors in our RSO are specific to ACES so those being mentored may want to be in ACES or be willing to work with someone with a different major.
Contact: manrrs.uiuc@gmail.com

Office of Minority Student Affairs (OMSA)

OMSA offers four academic services including tutoring, exam review sessions, supplemental instruction and advanced study skills instruction. Services are available to ALL University of Illinois students.

  • Tutoring: In the past, OMSA East has provided tutors for more than 160 courses including algebra, calculus, physics, computer science, psychology, and chemistry. Tutors are matched to meet once a week throughout the semester and can be requested online. Walk-in services are also available for most math, chemistry, and physics courses.
  • Exam review: In addition to review sessions held by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign teaching assistants and professors, OMSA East offers course-specific review sessions to assist students in preparing for hourly, midterm, and final exams. Browse the OMSA East Academic Services Center calendar for information on upcoming events and review sessions.
  • Supplemental instruction: Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides enhanced course preparation via small group sessions that meet for one hour each week. In the past, SI has been provided for Economics 102 and 103, Chemistry 101, Psychology 100, and Sociology 100. Offerings for SI may change from year to year.
  • Advanced study skills instruction: OMSA East provides advanced study skill instruction, either individually or in groups, in test study strategies, time management, lecture note-taking techniques, test-taking strategies, and library research. OMSA students may sign up at OMSA East.

Learn more: OMSA East Academic Services
Address: 701 S. Gregory Street, Suite 1, Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: 217-333-7547

Grammarly @edu

Grammarly @edu is an online computerized program that scans writing and provides an in-depth, extensive grammar review (complete with explanations) on more than 150 types of potential writing errors. Obtain the ACES access code by emailing your UIN to aces-academics@illinois.edu and requesting access to Grammarly. You will then receive an email invitation from Grammarly. Follow the instructions to login.

Private tutors

Many private tutors assist Illinois students with a variety of academic subjects. Often these are graduate students in the department or sometimes undergraduate students with specialized skills or knowledge. Private tutors usually advertise their services on bulletin boards, online, or in newspapers, and some departments keep a listing of their graduate students who are available to tutor undergraduates. Private tutors are not paid by the university, and you should check both their credentials and their references. Contacting prior students of the tutor will give you an indication of their knowledge, reliability and teaching skills. Private tutors set their own rates, and so rates may vary greatly. Also see the Tutor Matching Service below to find a tutor.

Software/computer applications

LinkedInLearning from Technology Services at Illinois

The LinkedInLearning service from Technology Services at Illinois offers training on leading software topics including Adobe products, Apple products, Microsoft products, Drupal, video editing, audio editing, using operating systems, and much more. Many courses provide seven to eight hours of detailed information and are broken down into five- to 15-minute segments so you can stop watching at any time and easily return to where you left off.

Time management

If you are having trouble managing your time or finding time to study, the University Counseling Center website has advice and runs workshops related to time management. We also recommend using personal calendars or apps to create schedules and to-do lists to help keep track of your schedule. To evaluate how you spend your time, use this worksheet to track your activities for a week. At the end of that week analyze how you spent your time and see where changes can be made to help improve your study habits as well as your personal health.

Tutor Matching Service

Visit Tutor Matching Service at Illinois to find a list of fellow Illinois students interested in tutoring. Create an account that allows you to message tutors and schedule sessions. All payment is handled through TMS, eliminating the need to carry cash or pay in person. Please note that the Chemistry Learning Center does not verify the credentials of TMS tutors.

Writer's Workshop

The Writer’s Workshop provides an opportunity for University of Illinois students, faculty and staff from all disciplines and levels to discuss their writing with consultants who are both experienced writers and teachers of writing. Consulting services are available either by appointment or on a walk-in basis; sessions usually last between 30 and 60 minutes. Consultants will work with students on any part of the writing process – from pre-writing to revising to helping interpret graded papers. The Writer’s Workshop primary location is located at the Undergraduate Library and satellite services are available at Weston Hall, Grainger Library and the Natural History Building.
Learn more: Writer’s Workshop
Phone: 217-333-8796