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Telling the research story for ACES

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As one of the writers on the marketing and communications team for the College of ACES, I get to learn new things about science every single day and then use a bit of creativity to explain it to the public. I don’t just want my writing to make sense and be scientifically accurate, although those things are key; I also want to write in a way that captures readers’ attention and describes how they can use the information in their lives.

It’s not always easy. Sometimes the research relates to a huge portion of the public, like Ming Kuo’s work on schoolyard greening, but often, I find myself tackling more esoteric stuff, like statistical tools used by bioinformaticians to improve genetic screening capabilities. Those stories may be inherently more interesting to fellow scientists, but I do my best to pull out bits and pieces that are relevant to the public. That’s my job, and I love the challenge.

With the vast array of scientific expertise in the college, I can guarantee I’ll never get bored. And I’ll keep trying, with every story, to keep you from getting bored, too. Want to follow along? Subscribe to ACES News at a Glance for a weekly delivery of all our stories, not only showcasing the breadth of science happening in our college but also how we writers meet the challenge of telling complex stories to the world. We’d love your feedback!