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Floral design classes inspired ACES alum to start high-end event design boutique

As a college student, Rachel Wyffels made a serendipitous class choice that sparked a passion and shaped her career path.

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ACES alumni continue family business in honor of Joyce Riskedal

In 1999, Brad and Joyce Riskedal, both University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign alums, were busy raising a family and working the family farm in north central Illinois.

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ACES scholarship is deeply meaningful for animal sciences student

As she opened her email in class, Jacqueline Springer started shaking as emotions overwhelmed her. With tears in her eyes, she rushed outside of the classroom to call her dad. He was just as shocked as she was. 

The phone line was silent as Jacqueline’s news sank in. Only her dad could understand how meaningful it was to receive the Jay Haning Scholarship.

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Food Science alumna finds her way back to academia

Junior year of high school, Lia sat in chemistry class, listening intently to Mr. Ahring describe the building blocks of proteins. A few hours later, she experienced this same lesson in her food science class. The connection between foods and chemistry? Amino acids. This epiphany and a sit-down pep talk with her chemistry teacher ignited a flame that would catalyze her journey to food science. 

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Meteorologist Jacob Dickey, a non-traditional teacher

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Gibson City native, WCIA meteorologist and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign alum Jacob Dickey is bringing to life his childhood dreams and using his public platform to share more than just weather.  <

Women, Money & Power online course open to public

A course at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign designed to empower women both financially and in the workforce is now being offered to the public.

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