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Illinois-led team puts cows and microbes to work to reduce greenhouse gases

URBANA, Ill. — As we hurtle toward crucial tipping points on a warming planet, an international team of scientists is recruiting a surprising ally to make a powerful dent in greenhouse gas emissions: the cow.

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Wildlife wonders: U of I students thrive in Brazil study abroad program

URBANA, Ill. — For University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign sophomore Joe Del Rio, getting up close and personal with South America’s wildlife this summer was a dream come true.

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Illinois project looks to glycogen to explain pregnancy loss, infertility

URBANA, Ill. — When we eat sugar, a portion of it is stored as glycogen in our liver and muscles, where it can be quickly metabolized to glucose for bursts of energy.

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Illini Kennel Club connects dog owners on campus

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I'm Danielle Willenborg, a junior majoring in Animal Sciences with a
minor in Horticulture. My goal is to pursue a career in veterinary
medicine. Additionally, I hold the role of Vice President in the
Illini Kennel Club, a new organization on campus that officially
became an RSO in the spring of 2023. Last year, towards the end of
2022, I came across an ad for a new club seeking individuals to fill
executive positions. One reason veterinary medicine appeals to me is

Summer interns experience the future of agriculture

Many STEM fields lack the kind of diversity other disciplines enjoy. At the Center for Digital Agriculture (CDA), they understand the importance of attracting talented young researchers from a variety of backgrounds.

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Study: Insect protein slows weight gain, boosts health status in obese mice

URBANA, Ill. — As the global population grows under a changing climate, the urgency to find sustainable protein sources is greater than ever. Plant-based “meat” and “dairy” products may be popular, but they’re not the only environmentally friendly meat alternatives. 

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Cardoso named to board of the American Dairy Science Association

URBANA, Ill. — The American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) has announced new board members to advance its mission to sustain and grow the global dairy industry.

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Illinois animal sciences professor elected to American Academy of Microbiology

URBANA, Ill. – University of Illinois professor Isaac Cann has been elected a fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology, one of just 65 microbiologists worldwide recognized for the honor in 2023.

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