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Many students think of careers as a one-time decision – but in reality finding a career path is an ongoing process. Responding to changes in life, as jobs change and new jobs are developed, the "right" career will change as well.

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Handshake @ Illinois

Handshake @ Illinois is the online system that connects you to job opportunities, job shadow programs, internships, interviews, career fair information, and recruiting events hosted by ACES Career Services. You can see a limited number of postings on our Twitter feed. Check ACES + LAS Career Fair for more information.
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ACES student use Handshake policy

The use of Handshake @ Illinois is a privilege for our students. Students are required to be honest with their information. If their status changes (GPA, major, seeking employment, etc.) they should take steps to correct the information. If any student is found in breach of the student code, they may be disciplined. This can include losing Handshake privileges.

Big Interview

A great online tool for interview practice. 

Big Interview

Missing an interview

Any student who is interviewing on the U of I campus must abide by the host office interviewing policy. For our office, if you need to cancel an interview due to an emergency, contact the recruiter immediately and follow up with an apology email. The appropriate career service office must be copied (cc’d) on the email. If you have questions, contact your career services office during business hours.

Reneging on an offer

Reneging is to refuse to do something you promised to do. For example, if you accept a job or internship offer and later decide not to take the offer, you are reneging. Reneging is professionally damaging in several ways. First, the employer you initially accepted the offer from will not likely want to hire you in the future. Second, when you renege on an offer to accept another one, you are taking the opportunity away from another student. Third, you have damaged your integrity which is indispensable for a good career. Fourth, your actions reflect negatively on the university which may make an employer reconsider recruiting at our school. At the University of Illinois, the career services team takes the subject of reneging very seriously. Repercussions include, but are not limited to, losing Handshake access and potentially career services assistance.

Understanding career recruiting policies

ACES Career Services is focused on achieving the best matches between students and employers.

To that end, we support the Principles for Professional Practice as adopted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. The principles are designed to provide practitioners with three basic precepts for career planning, placement, and recruitment.

Learn more about career recruiting policies

Career advice and information

ACES Career Services offers career-directed advising by appointment. You can make an appointment by email or you can attend our drop-in hours to have your resume and cover letter reviewed. For more details about appointments, drop-ins, and mock interviews, visit our Drop-ins & Appointments page.

Resume and cover letter tips

ACES Internship Guide


LinkedIn Jobs

Three ways LinkedIn Jobs is helpful for job seekers:

  1. Identify alumni and personal connections in each job posting
  2. Know if a company has a history of hiring people like you
  3. Find out with whom you will work if you get the job

Considering graduate school

Did you know that 30% of ACES graduates continue their education beyond undergrad and onto graduate school immediately upon graduation? If you're looking to explore the different types of graduate degrees, visit the University of Illinois Career Center website. Common graduate school programs include:

Career resource websites

Agricultural industry

Business and finance

Food industry

General job boards
Glass Door
Simply Hire

Green jobs
Green Career Central
Environmental Career

Government jobs
USA Job Board

Natural resources and conservation
Conservation Job Board


ATTRA Sustainable Farming

Nonprofit sector
Opportunity Knocks

Online networking

PSM programs
PSM Job Board

Zoos and aquariums
Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Interest profiler
O*Net Interest Profiler

International opportunities