Voices of ACES

August 31, 2018
By Jennifer Shike
When I think back to my undergrad days, some of my best memories are related to the teams and clubs I was a part of during my four years in college. There's just something about being a part of something bigger than yourself. I am so impressed by the variety of RSOs and clubs offered to students in the College of ACES. Regina Cortez, a graduate student in Food Science and Human Nutrition, is the president/founder of a new RSO in ACES - ACES IliniTech. I asked her to share a little more about this new opportunity for ACES students.

August 30, 2018
By Judy Mae Bingman
There is a difference. On Purpose. With Purpose.

August 29, 2018
By Krista Swanson
Although I never changed my selected degree in crop sciences as an undergrad, my interests and career plans were influenced as I learned more through classes, internship experiences, and staff and faculty mentors. As a student in ACES, I had many great opportunities to evolve, grow, and seek direction on how I could combine my strengths and interests.

August 28, 2018
By Jessa Barnard
Three years ago this month, a close mentor of mine (and now predecessor) invited me to consider leading a section of the ACES freshmen discovery courses which included a study abroad program over winter break.  Thinking about how I’d never been to that country and certainly wasn’t a subject matter expert in the field of study, I felt severely inadequate and underqualified to venture into this unknown territory.  Well, you know how this ends. I decided to take the challenge, hoping the reward would be similar to what I had witnessed in previous programs I had co-led through my role as experiential learning coordinator in the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics. 

August 27, 2018
By Maggie Sweppy
It never fails – if I wear Illini apparel in public, someone is going to strike up a conversation. 

August 23, 2018
By Marla Todd
“Do things for everybody!” Kathy Wessels shared this piece of advice from her late father, Warren Wessels, during a memorial service in his honor this week. Warren Wessels, a former assistant dean in the college certainly “did things for everybody!”

August 22, 2018
By Lucas Neira
For the first time, I experienced a taste of the Illinois State Fair (ISF). Being Brazilian and coming from a different culture, I learned a lot during my time in Springfield.  

August 20, 2018
By Leslie Sweet Myrick
For the past nine years (and I have been writing summary articles like this one for 6 of these years!), ACES has hosted a summer immersion program for students from China, Korea, and Mexico. 

August 17, 2018
By Kelsey Litchfield
It’s that time of year – vacations are over and schools are back in session. August is probably one of my favorite months of the year. It almost feels like another fresh start – another New Year’s Day – but warmer!

August 16, 2018
By Brenna Ellison
While many students are pursuing professional development opportunities, such as internships in the summer, this is also the time of year when many faculty members and graduate students are engaging with their professional networks at conferences. Conferences are a great way for ACES faculty and graduate students to present their research and get early feedback before publication. These are also important networking venues – you can meet new collaborators, see old friends, and for our graduate students on the job market, talk with potential employers.