Kaiyu Guan charts the course from Blue Waters to Delta

Kaiyu Guan standing in a field

Kaiyu Guan is a researcher with lofty goals – he hopes to monitor, model and ultimately optimize every farmland. Guan aims to achieve these goals in the coming decade or so. He’s a researcher with a mission; of helping create tools so farmers can check on and manage their crops – every single field – in real-time to maintain a healthy and productive growth cycle. But simply reaching that goal isn’t enough. Guan also hopes to achieve co-sustainability of environment quality and food security. It’s quite the task, and he’s been using the supercomputing resources at NCSA to tackle the issues surrounding both aspects of his mission, one piece of research at a time. He’s also in the unique position of being one of the researchers at UIUC who’s had experience using NCSA’s retired supercomputer, Blue Waters, and its new cutting-edge GPU-processing resource, Delta.  

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