New global experiences available to ACES students thanks to Arlys Conrad International Teaching Enhancement Award Program
Photo of a person overlooking a waterfall.
December 3, 2018

As the world we live in becomes increasingly global and internationalized, there is a profound opportunity for curriculum and instruction to evolve internationally as well. One highlight of this is the Arlys Conrad International Teaching Enhancement Award Program, supported through the College of ACES and the ACES Study Abroad Office. This endowed seed grant opportunity has allowed ACES faculty to better serve students with global experiences and build new programs to bridge the international gap, create partnerships abroad, and bring cultural elements into curriculum.

As a result of being awarded an Arlys Conrad Grant, a unique summer 2019 short term study abroad program will be inaugurated and co-taught by Jan Brooks (Human Development & Family Studies) and Crystal Allen (Animal Sciences) in Zimbabwe, titled “Service Learning, Health Care and Animal Rescue.” This multidisciplinary course will focus on family systems, healthcare, animal care, and the role that all of these systems play economically, culturally, and politically. Beyond the academic scope of this course, this study abroad opportunity will equip students to better understand cultural diversity, societal issues, global political climates, and current events. Their mission is to use this experience to create an immersive and awareness-driven experience for students that is enriched by exposure to different cultural systems, family units, healthcare, and animal care internationally.

In addition to this highlighted program in Zimbabwe, congratulations are in order to other recipients awarded funding through the Arlys Conrad International Teaching Enhancement Award Program within the College of ACES during the Spring 2018 callout. Michel Robe (Agricultural and Consumer Economics) with his “International Perspectives on Commodity Risk Management” Summer Short-Term program in France, Belgium, and the United Kingdom; and Paul McNamara (Agricultural and Consumer Economics) with his International Development and Agribusiness Program in Sierra Leone were both awarded funding and believe in the incorporation of education abroad for undergraduates.

The Arlys Conrad seed grants provide opportunities for innovative integration of international content, helping connect faculty and students to international competencies. This provides a strong supplement to the student learning experience and engages students in hands-on study abroad endeavors in various majors and courses. Faculty have been able to develop these experiences to boost global awareness, individual development, and allow for students to gain a direct and immersive experience. As these programs continue to develop, students will be better equipped to be global leaders and more effective and inclusive ambassadors beyond their time on campus and in the classroom.

Article submitted by Gregory French, Graduate Student Employee & PhD Student, ACES Study Abroad Office