Exploring the Bioenergy Network

The 2008 Global Academy toured the Matto Grasso state in Brazil and made lasting connections with the prestigious Escola Superios de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz, and EMBRAPA, the research arm of the Brazilian government.

OIP Global Academy 2008

Dr. Nicki Engeseth, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Dr. Miguel Gomez, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Dr. Angela Kent, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Dr. Kris Lambert, Crop Sciences
Dr. David Miller, Animal Sciences
Dr. Michelle Norris, University of Illinois Extension
Dr. Kent Rausch, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

“The ACES Global Academy helped me gain perspectives on how research is conducted at other institutions, and I saw firsthand what happens at a Brazilian ethanol processing facility. The program also helped me understand how tropical regions and developing nations are addressing policy issues relating to biofuels, crop production and the environment.” Kent Rausch, Agricultural and Biological Engineering