The ACES Global Academy is a unique training program for our faculty and University of Illinois Extension professionals. The program includes a series of scholarly and experiential activities for participants to increase the international impact of their professional work.

2024 Global Academy in France
2024 Global Academy in France

The program's mission is to:

  • Familiarize participants with campus-level and external resources that facilitate global engagement.
  • Create a team-building environment to meld interests and create synergies across departmental lines.  
  • Nurture collaborations between our researchers and those based in institutions abroad.
  • Provide participants with a capstone international immersion experience, which in turn creates and strengthens strategic partnerships.
  • Promote lifelong academic engagement in the global arena.


Participating in the Global Academy requires an academic-year commitment to the program. Monthly meetings focus on global opportunities at the college, campus, and national levels.

The themes, locations, and goals for the Global Academy change each year. This information is posted so that potential scholars can apply to a program with their research, teaching, or outreach career objectives in mind.

The goal is to build new partnerships, strengthen existing ties, and identify avenues for new collaborations. The Global Academy trips have established ongoing research collaborations with partners in the numerous countries visited.

Scholars are encouraged to assist in continuing development of the Global Academy and of international programs. Past participants may be requested to mentor new participants, lead an on-campus session, participate in an immersion program, or serve in other capacities during subsequent programs. They are also encouraged to seek grant support through OIP programs in order to build on the partnerships found.

Application Process

The application process begins in the summer for the following program during the academic year.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2025 Global Academy with focus country Sri Lanka and organizing theme "Sustainable Development for Economic and Social Well-being." Click here to apply. 


The Global Academy is made possible through a generous gift from Arlys Conrad.

The Academy covers all basic costs associated with the program, with the expectation that each scholar will participate in all Academy activities. These, of course, are designed to minimize interference with normal work duties and personal time.

Past Participants

The Global Academy is currently in its 15th year.