Food Security

The 2009 Global Academy built networks with universities and other partners in China’s fast growing economy.

OIP Global Academy 2009

Dr. Kathy Baylis, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Dr. Lee Beverly, Animal Sciences
Dr. Kaustubh Bhalerao, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Mr. Robert Dunker, Crop Sciences
Dr. Craig Gundersen, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Dr. Manfredo Seufferheld, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

“When we visited China’s Jilin Province as part of the ACES Global Academy, I saw their productive soils were well adapted for growing corn and soybeans, similar to the Midwest, and learned their faculty and researchers had the same questions I did about production systems. This experience resulted in a longstanding, ongoing collaboration to study production methods and introduce precision technology into China’s agricultural systems. We have since received funding from the government of China, Jilin University, John Deer, and Monsanto and have expanded our work to include Argentina, Brazil and Columbia.” Bob Dunker, Crop Sciences