Two-person teams engaging in various focus countries

The 2017-18 Global Academy experimented with a new format where a “mentoring partner” introduced his or her partner to an existing international engagement and through the process broadened that engagement or provided capacity for the “mentored partner” to develop his or her own program.

OIP Global Academy


  • Jan Brooks & Dr. Margarita Teran-Garcia, Department of Human Development and Family Studies
    • Focus Country: South Africa
    • Partner Institution: University of Cape Town
  • Dr. David Bullock, Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics & Dr. Nicolas Martin (Department of Crop Sciences)
    • Focus Countries: Brazil and Argentina
    • Partner Institutions: EMBRAPA (Brazil) & National University of Cordoba (Argentina)
  • Dr. Michael Miller & Dr. Matthew Stasiewicz, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition
    • Focus country: Mexico
    • Partner Institution: Autonomous University of Queretaro
  • Dr. Hong Chen & Dr. Anna Arthur Parker, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition  
    • Focus Country: China
    • Partner Institutions: Hebei Agricultural University & Second Central Hospital
  • Dr. Erik Sacks & Dr. Alexander Lipka, Department of Crop Sciences  
    • Focus Countries: Japan & China
    • Partner Institutions: Hokkaido University (Japan) and Zhejiang University (China)