COVID-19 data dashboard helping make sense of the crisis
woman wearing face mask working on computer
May 18, 2020

URBANA, Ill. – During the COVID-19 pandemic, many are paying closer attention to numbers than ever before. Whether it’s the number of new cases in local communities or the death toll worldwide, these figures can be alarming and overwhelming.

Enter Zaheeda Darvesh. The data analyst with University of Illinois Extension is taming COVID-19 numbers for one Illinois community and helping the public make sense of the crisis.

Darvesh built and maintains the interactive dashboard for Champaign Urbana’s Public Health District (CUPHD). The clean graphical interface serves Champaign County’s COVID-19 numbers in an easily digestible format, eliminating confusion and minimizing effort for a public in search of answers. And that’s powerful.

Read more on the University of Illinois Extension website.