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Illinois professor brings science to life with popcorn

URBANA, Ill. – In Kirsten Wyatt’s agriculture science classroom in Paxton, an unusual piece of equipment helps high school students learn genomics. Not a microscope or a PCR machine, but a popcorn popper.

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New Experience ACES Visit Days match future students’ interests, passions

URBANA, Ill. – It’s exciting to once again welcome high school students to the University of Illinois to explore all you can be part of after graduation.

If you care about science and the environment, you will be especially interested in a new opportunity. Experience ACES Visit Days will spotlight programs that feature a food, farming, and family foundation.

You will learn so much. And even experience some surprises.

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5 Questions: ACE student finds calling in environmental law

This week’s 5 Questions Friday features Benjamin Cohen, an agricultural and consumer economics student with a focus on food systems and public policy.

What year are you, and how did you choose your ACES major?

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Mark your calendars for 2022 ACES Family Academies July 14, 15

URBANA, Ill. – The College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences Alumni Association has announced the dates for the 2022 ACES Family Academies. The family-friendly experience will be held July 14-15 on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus.

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Award-winning U of I professor uses jazz hands to teach animal science

URBANA, Ill. – When students walk into Anna Dilger’s classroom, they can expect play dough, cartoons, and dancing. But Dilger’s students aren’t kindergartners; they’re college students at the University of Illinois. And they’re learning from one of the best food and agriculture teachers in the country.

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Ag disruptors: New Illinois major is for you

URBANA, Ill. – When he thinks about where he’ll be in five to 10 years, recent University of Illinois graduate Austin Parish sees himself disrupting the agriculture industry. In a good way.

Right now, our only limitation in ag is how big we can think. I'm excited to be working alongside startups to bring more data and technology than ever to disrupt the plant biotechnology space,” he says.

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Incoming FSHN student goes all out with blue-on-blue recipe

URBANA, Ill. – “I’m interested in studying hospitality management because I want to go into a career in food and restaurant management as well as owning my own bakery. I expect to learn the ins and outs of how the restaurant industry operates,” says Megan Darga, a first-year student this fall in food science and human nutrition (FSHN).

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Task force takes on professional development, global collaboration for ag journalists

URBANA, Ill. – Now more than ever, with an ever-evolving agriculture industry, support for global efforts in agricultural communication is needed. Journalists representing the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) from member regions across the globe are working together to make new recommendations for education, training, and professional development programs to provide that support.

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Cash in on cannabis craze with online course, certificate at Illinois

URBANA, Ill. – With a growing number of states legalizing the sale and personal cultivation of cannabis, including medical and recreational marijuana and hemp, farmers and home growers need to know the ins and outs of the crop. Now, enthusiasts and full-scale producers alike can learn to classify and manage cannabis production in an online course through the University of Illinois.

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Professionals credit robust online master’s work with ag career successes

URBANA, Ill. – Alex Pate is on a mission to make sure fellow Chicagoans have access to healthy, locally grown foods. As a farm manager with City Farm, the oldest sustainable urban farm in the city, Pate collaborates with mutual aid organizations to get free produce in the hands of those who need it.

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