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Summer interns experience the future of agriculture

Many STEM fields lack the kind of diversity other disciplines enjoy. At the Center for Digital Agriculture (CDA), they understand the importance of attracting talented young researchers from a variety of backgrounds.

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Entrepreneur and ABE alum Bianca Bailey receives U.S. Bank Cleantech award

URBANA, Ill.Bianca Bailey, founder and CEO of Agriwater Corp., received the 2023 U.S. Bank Foundation Cleantech Inclusion Award.

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Top corn producing state to see future drop in yield, cover crop efficiency

URBANA, Ill. — Winter cover crops could cut nitrogen pollution in Illinois’ agricultural drainage water up to 30%, according to recent research from the

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ACES expert: How animals are affected by Canadian wildfire smoke

URBANA, Ill. — Livestock and pets may be at risk due to poor air quality from Canadian wildfire smoke, according to animal welfare expert Angela Green-Miller at the

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NIR spectroscopy provides easy, cost-effective method for food allergen testing

URBANA, Ill. Food allergies pose a significant health risk, resulting in numerous hospitalizations every year, as even trace amounts of allergens can trigger severe reactions. Cross-contamination of food products can happen easily in the production process, so it’s important to have reliable methods of testing for allergens.

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Automated agricultural machinery requires new approaches to ensuring safety

URBANA, Ill.From self-driving tractors to weeding robots and AI-powered data collection, automated machinery is revolutionizing agricultural production. While these technological advancements can greatly improve productivity, they also raise new questions about safety measures and regulations.

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