Programs of Study

There are 14 majors housed in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES), with a diverse array of concentrations that ensure our graduates are prepared for the careers they are striving for.

ACES students also have plenty of opportunities to study abroad and discover the global community surrounding their career interests.

Students looking to gain insights on a topic not within their major can earn a minor from the College of ACES in various fields of study. Those with a particularly strong interest in more than one program of study may consider pursuing a dual degree or double major.

The variety of graduate programs offered by the College of ACES include online and Professional Science Master’s programs in addition to our more traditional master’s and Ph.D. programs. We also offer certificate programs.

View our program offerings below. If you're interested in learning more about getting a degree in ACES, fill out our request form.

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Undergraduate Majors

The College of ACES offers 14 majors with dozens of concentrations to fit what you're looking for.

ACES Undeclared
Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ABE)
Agricultural and Consumer Economics (ACE)
Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications (ALEC)
Animal Sciences (ANSC)
Computer Science + Animal Sciences (CS+ANSC)
Crop Sciences (CPSC)
Computer Science + Crop Sciences (CS+CPSC)
Engineering Technology and Management for Agricultural Systems (ETMAS)
Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN)
Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS)
Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences (NRES)
Plant Biotechnology

Undergraduate Minors

Expand your knowledge by adding a minor while you increase your marketability to future employers.

Adult Development
Agricultural Safety and Health
Animal Sciences
Child Health and Well-being
Crop and Soil Management
Environmental Economics and Law
Food and Agribusiness Management
Food and Environmental Systems
Food Science
International Development Economics
International Minor in ACES
Leadership Studies
Natural Resource Conservation
Spatial and Quantitative Methods in NRES
Technical Systems Management
Dual Degrees

The College of ACES offers only the Bachelor of Science degree. Students may earn a degree in ACES and a degree offered by another University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign college according to campus rules. Students in other colleges should use the Concurrent Dual Degree form found on the ACES Forms and Petitions page. ACES students should contact the college office that oversees the department offering their second degree.

Double Majors

ACES students may officially declare more than one major within the College. Interested students need to obtain the Double Major form, meet with and obtain signatures of the departmental advising coordinators for both majors, and submit the completed form to the ACES Office of Academic Programs. Students must submit their application of intent to pursue a second major no later than 5 p.m. on the 10th day of classes in the term in which they expect to graduate.

Courses can count toward up to two majors maximum. Students wishing to complete a double major must earn at least 12 hours of distinct, advanced (300- and 400-level) course work in each major discipline. These hours do not include supporting course work or technical electives.

Tuition is assessed based on the major with the differential or the highest differential as the primary major; thus, students should be aware of this impact on their tuition billing. All completed majors appear on the transcript.