Certificate Programs

Non-degree certificate programs enable students, professionals, and entrepreneurs the opportunity to enhance their skills and education through advanced, part-time coursework.

Companion Animal Nutrition

Woman petting dog outdoorsThe Companion Animal Nutrition Certificate program is an online non-degree program that gives industry professionals, veterinarians, animal scientists, pet breeders, and pet enthusiasts the opportunity to take in-depth courses on various aspects of companion animal nutrition. Course topics include canine and feline metabolism, nutrient functions and requirements, pet nutrition and disease, pet food ingredients, principles of diet formulation, pet food processing technologies, good manufacturing practices, pet food regulations, and market trends.

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HorticultureTwo students examining plants

The Certificate of Professional Development in Horticulture is aligned with the Online M.S. program in the Department of Crop Sciences. The online course offerings enable students to strengthen their education through part-time study anywhere in the world. The Department of Crop Sciences has a long history of providing University of Illinois courses to professionals across Illinois and around the world. Students can enroll in individual courses for personal or professional development.

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Urban AgricultureStudent holding two plants outdoors

The Certificate of Professional Development in Urban Agriculture provides students, agriculture professionals, and entrepreneurs with advanced course training in crop sciences relevant to the production of food crops in the urban environment. The semester-based course offerings for the online program enable students to strengthen their education and training through part-time study as they continue their full-time employment. To earn the Certificate of Professional Development in Urban Agriculture, students will complete one of the following courses: HORT 434 or HORT 435, and two courses from either Crop Sciences (CPSC) and/or Horticulture (HORT).

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Crop SciencesTwo students in lab coats holding plant

The Online Certificate of Professional Development in Crop Sciences enables students to strengthen their skills and education through part-time study. All of our courses for the Professional Development Certificate are online. The program offers a wide range of courses from Crop Production to Plant Breeding, from Insect Pest Management to Plant Physiology, and from Herbicide Mode of Action to Crop Growth and Development. The Department of Crop Sciences has a 30-plus-year history of providing University of Illinois courses to agricultural professionals across Illinois, and throughout the Midwest. Students who successfully complete three qualifying online courses are eligible to receive the certificate.

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Undergraduate Certificate in Horticulture

The Online Horticulture Certificate is for high school students, undergraduates, graduates, master Student holding bundle of plantsgardeners, naturalists, and anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants, and crops.

Tailor your coursework and education based on your interests. Our program offers three specializations within the certificate.

  • Plants and people
  • Sustainable production
  • Horticultural science

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