Certificate Programs

Certificates provide students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and lifelong learners with skills and knowledge through academic coursework.

Certificates only require nine to 12 credit hours of coursework to earn this credential. Most certificates can be completed in six to 12 months (two semesters). Courses completed as part of the certificate will appear on the student’s official transcript, but the name of the certificate program will not appear on academic records. 

The College of ACES offers options for undergraduate-level and graduate-level certificates. Undergraduate-level certificates require no previous background knowledge or coursework. Graduate-level certificates are designed for current students, non-degree students, professionals seeking credentials, and all other learners pursuing post-bachelor’s degree education.


Undergraduate Certificates

No previous degrees are required. These certificates are for anyone interested in furthering their knowledge.

Adulting Certificate
Animal Services, Sheltering, and Advocacy
Contextual Engineering
Horticulture Certificate
Industrial and Agricultural Safety and Health Certificate
Sustainability & Justice in Food & Environmental Systems Certificate
Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Certificate Certificate
Cannabis Production and Management Certificate
Companion Animal Welfare and Care Certificate
Food Systems Certificate
i-Dairy Certificate
Natural Resource Conservation Certificate
Wicked Environmental Problems Certificate

Graduate-Level Certificates

Graduate-level certificates enable off-campus professionals and on-campus students to deepen their knowledge for upskilling, continuing education, and credentialing purposes. Courses are offered in a variety of formats, including online, on-campus face-to-face, or hybrid modalities.

Cannabis Production and Management Certificate
Contextual Engineering
Companion Animal Nutrition Certificate
Crop Sciences Certificate
Horticulture Professional Development Certificate
Nutrition Policy and Food/Feed Regulations Certificate
Soil Science and Conservation Certificate
Urban Agriculture Certificate
Water Science and Conservation Certificate
Post-Baccalaureate Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) Certificate